Discover the secrets to living life on your own terms —according to your dreams and desires.



The Integrity Advantage Initiation Program is a

4-week online program that will help you tap into

your personal power to change your life.

Imagine what it would feel like to love, honor and trust yourself more than you ever thought possible. The Integrity Advantage Initiation Program will show you how to truly manifest the things you most want. In just four weeks, be guided to find the advantages of integrity.


Connect with your inner truth and strengthen it daily.


Level up your self-love and self-trust to get where you want to go.


Embrace the totality of who you are.


Get fearless and excited about moving outside of your comfort zone.


Stop living from your “to-do” list and start living from your “bucket” list.

What You'll Learn

Week 1: Step Into Your Truth

You will discover how stepping over your truth diminishes your feelings of worthiness, increases self-sabotage, and whittles away at your integrity. You will be guided to uncover where, when, and how you step over your truth. You will be supported to step into your truth.

Week 2: Own the Vastness Of Who You Are

You will learn to look at yourself, others, and the world through the eyes of integrity and wholeness, You will discover that you are whole and complete just as you are. You will be guided on how to access all parts of yourself - all the tools in your toolbox!

Week 3: Align With Your Deepest Truths & Ignite Your Authentic Aliveness

You will learn about the Integrity Snatchers that are robbing you of your authentic aliveness. You will be introduced to the most powerful GPS in the world - the Integrity Alignment Monitor.

Week 4: Live in the Light of Your Grandest Desires

In this session, you will shift from surviving to thriving, from ordinary to extraordinary, from mediocre to magnificent, as Kelley teaches you this pillar of her definition of integrity. You will be guided to uncover your grandest desires.

What You'll Get


Concepts & Tools

Receive life-changing insights, true stories, proven strategies, and revolutionary concepts from Kelley's bestselling book The Integrity Advantage. Weekly session recordings can be played streaming across the web or downloaded to your devices.

Processes & Worksheets

Since transformation is a process of the heart, not the head, be guided through internal processes to connect with your inner wisdom. Your INtegrity is INside of you. Internal processes are accompanied by downloadable worksheets.

Supportive Community

Get access to a private, confidential Facebook group where you can share share your progress and support your fellow members with ideas and inspiration

About Kelley

Kelley Kosow is the author of The Integrity Advantage, the founder of The Integrity Movement, a motivational speaker, and the Chief Executive Officer of the highly acclaimed Ford Institute. Known as a “kick-ass coach” to high-level executives, change makers, and celebrities committed to personal transformation, Kelley blends her quick wit, laser sharp insight, and relentless compassion to help people upgrade their lives on a cellular level. Throughout her impressive career as a successful lawyer turned personal growth super star, she has been featured in Oprah Magazine as someone who could “Dream it, Do it,” as well as In Style, People, Working Mother, Latina, NY Times, Conde Nast Traveler, and LA Times. Kelley has also appeared on “The Balancing Act” and

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The Buzz About Kelley

Jack Canfield

Kelley Kosow has written an extraordinary book for anyone who wants to finally live life on their own terms. It will inspire you and it will empower you o transform integrity from just a word to a way of life. 

Iyanla Vanzant

A Master is not one with many students. A Master is one who creates other masters. Debbie Ford's work and training on the human shadows was masterful. Her faithful student, Kelley Kosow now continues Debbie's work in a loving way; with great mastery. What an honor to Debbie. What a gift to the world.

Mary Morrissey

Like Kelley, The Integrity Advantage is funny, searingly honest, and filled with aha moments of wisdom that will surprise, inspire and empower you.

Geneen Roth

A breakthrough book. Kelley Kosow makes an enticing invitation to what she describes as a whole new way of being in the world, illuminating the way to living a life of integrity.

Marci Shimoff

If you’re ready to love, trust, and honor yourself at a higher level, The Integrity Advantage is for you. In it, Kelley Kosow offers up profound insights, and deep wisdom from her heart, serving as a beautiful example of the gifts of living an integrity-guided life.

Panache Desai

Kelley has the ability to elevate everyone that she meets into their highest expression. Her work transforms limitation in all forms and introduces people to the limitless power within them. I am honored to know her and to be able to call her my friend.